For Directions contact David Hadaway,, (603)899-5121

Large quantity of electronic parts--resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, switches, knobs, cables (audio/video/comoputer), adapters, power cords

Sound Processors --dbx 119, Marantz DP870, Behringer DSP8024, Sound Concepts 550, Sound Concepts SD50, Sound Concepts SX-80 CX decoder and expander, HSU Subwoofer Crossover, Pioneer RG-1 Dynamic processor

Test Equipment-- Leader LBO-5860H Waveform Monitor, BK 2005 RF Signal Generator, Transistor Curve Tracer, Fluke 8000A DMM, Quantech 303Wave Analyzer, HP 4275A, GR 1558-A Octave analyzer, Hewlitt Packard 4275A LCR Meter, Hitachi 20 MHZ scope, BK 10 MHz scope, Fluke 51 K/J Thermocouple Thermometer, DMR-100 dB meter, Sonic Technology JB-2 Stereo cartridge Analyzer, Ballantine 30B AC voltmeter (repair)

Switchers --Entech AV Selector, Proton 601T

AV gear-- Philips CDR600 Laserdisc player, iPAQ Music Center CD changer, Proton Stereo Video Tuner, Dish Network DTV Tuner, Samsung DVD Burner, Kenwood Surround Receiver VR615

Speakers-- Small Bose , Allison One, Tera, ADS car speakers in rosewood cases, Boston Acoustics, 2 generic speakers, 3 Fender 110XP, single MCM PA Speaker, Janis W-1 subs, Janszen 130 electrostatic M/T "quadpod" (8 panels in an arc with plastic back enclosure)

Pro Video gear-Snell and Wilcox Time Base Corrector, Digivision HT-70e sharpener (no ringing), Sima Color corrector, Sony XV-C700

VCRs and Players-JVC Digital VHS 30000, JVC SVHS HR96800U, Samsung World Format SV500W VAS (very pricey), JVC SVHS HR-55912U, Magnavox portable VHS VR8465SLO1, LG Blu-Ray player, United Audio Turntable (repair)

Cassette Decks Panasonic (works)
(all need belts)--Hitachi D-7500 cassette deck, Revox B215 Cassette Deck (unknown problem), Teac A-400, Mercury portable cassette deck ( first ever!) needs belt at least

Receivers for repair---Pioneer SA-7700, Sansui Eight Deluxe

Miscellaneous Skylark 300 slide projector with super lens, slide viewer, paper cutter, filing cabinet, candles, NuArc LT18 light table 21x21x7