DB Systems has used equipment for sale from time to time.  All items are refurbished and tested to new specifications and come with a 1 year factory warranty.  Prices are approximate depending on the state of the unit.

As of Jl17 the following are available:

Single DB-6A-M mono amplifier, recent vintage 900
DB-6A stereo amplifier 875
Pair DB-6A-M+ Mono amplifiers with additional switched Balanced In (XLR) and triple power supply capacitance (126,000 uf). 2300
DB-1B/2A preamp, 8-1/2" panel, no cabinet, gold jacks 750
DBR-15B/2A Preamp and tone control, almost mint condition 1250
DB-500e  Crossover--special 3 channel crossover with  24 dB L/R low pass (summed all three channels), 12 dB BW high pass, switch for Academy rolloff.  200 + psy
DB-3XL Switchable Crossover Front panel selectable frequencies of
50, 70, 100 and 150 Hz, 18 dB Butterworth slope, level controls on front,
rack mount, internal power supply. Custom built for dealer demos. Spec Sheet   595
DB-4B Pre-Preamp 280