Selected Accessories
    DBP-1         Auxiliary Connecting Cable    40
    DBP-2J/5     5 input switchbox       photo      review    160
    DBP-2JAU/5   Above with gold jacks   190
                    Add $25 for teflon insulated wire (stranded with silver plated copper wires)
                     Add $84 for teflon insulated gold plated jacks
    DBP-3 WAL  Walnut cabinet for preamp/crossover/tone (8-1/2" wide)  70
    DBP-3 OAK  Oak  cabinet for 10-1/2" panel 110
    DBP-3R OAK  Oak cabinet for 19" rack   187
    DBP-4  Coupler (for 2 DIN cables)  12
    DBP-5  Knob set--3 diamond cut aluminum knobs 59
      As above with cosmetic blemishes 29
    DBP-6    Phono Equalization Kit Allows 100 to 400 pF      Specs Review   65    *See note at end
    DBP-6MC    Resistive Loading Kit Allows 10 to 200 Ohms      65   photo
                      Custom values of resistor or capacitor plugs--$10 per pair
    DBP-7  Rack ears for DB amplifiers  73
    DBP-9 AU  Banana Plugs--set of 8, gold plated, uninsulated  31
    DBP-9H  Handles for above  5
    DBP-9J  Banana Jacks---Set of  two gold plated 5-way dual binding posts. 
              Rated for 30 amps/1000 volts 44
    DBP-9J   Double Banana Plugs--Set of one black and one red gold plated.
             Setscrew secures leads.  Can be stacked.  22
    DBP-10   Phono Alignment Protractor (Baerwald alignment)     65    photo     Stereo Review cover   Instructions A  Instructions B
    DBP-11MM     Phono Capacitance Switch Box    189     photo
                Selects 1 of 2 turntables with individual loading, allows 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 pF loads
                 Output is a captive cable 10" long with RCA plug at end.
    DBP-11MC   Resistive Loading Switch Box   189        
                Selects 1 of 2 turntables with individual loading, allows 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 ohms loads
                 Output is a captive cable 10" long with RCA plug at end.
    DBP-11MM/MC Combines above in one box, one side MM, one side MC   189     photo 1   photo 2    photo 3
Note: This allows switching between MM and MC cartridges. However if a step-up device is used, it requires a certain amount of switching cables since a head amp or transformer must be inserted between the box and the preamp when the MC cartridge is selected.
    DBP-12 Stereo Audio Cable, 12 pF per foot. $88 + $5 per foot.
**note* The cable we were using has been discontinued. We have a replacement which is also 12 pF per foot,
however it is separate mono cables, fairly stiff and 5/16" in diameter. It is not available with teflon connectors.
The connectors are Taversoe gold plated.
    DBP-13J  Gold plated phono jacks - Set of 8 solid brass for front panel mounting in 1/4" hole, hdwre included. 20
    DBP-13JR Gold plated phono jacks - Set of 8 solid brass jacks for mounting from the rear, very rugged,
     hardwre included.      37
                         (Add $8 for gold plated hardwre)
    DBP-14 Gold plated spade lugs - Set of 8 for solder or crimp connection, Takes 10 - 12 gauge wire 8
    DBP-15 Gold plated "Y" adaptors - Set of 2, one phono plug to two phono jacks.  90 pF. 24
    DBP-16(2)    12 dB Input Attenuator (custom values--$23), plugs in-line into preamp or amp input    20
    DBP-16V(2)   Continuously Variable Input Attenuator    photo    33
    DBP-18(2)    Subsonic Filter,  6 dB per octave, passive,  @ 25 Hz     22
                Instructions: Plug into Phono input of preamp, plug the turntable lead into back of filter
               This is -1 dB at 50 Hz, -3 dB at 25, -7 at 12 and -12 at 6 Hz.
  For a more effective filter, see the DB-12 active 18 dB/octave filter. It is -1 dB at 30 Hz, -18 dB at 12 and -36 dB at 6 .
    DBP-SC       Souther Record Clamp       37
    DBP-19(2)    Shelving Network ("Tilt") 6 dB Treble Cut    20
    DBP-LDC      Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 4th ed.    20
                             5th ed.   35
    DBP-20AU Loudspeaker Switcher   Selects one of two pairs of loudspeakers or one of two pairs of amplifiers.  Common ground.  Gold plated 5-way binding posts, heavy duty 30 Amp toggle switch. Wired with 12-14 gauge wire.   Typically 10-20 milliohms loop resistance.  Takes 8 gauge wire (.130")  300 Photo front   Photo inside
*Note on DBP-6 kit. The original "Y" adapters were 20 pF and the capacitor values were calculated on that basis. I.e. 200 pF was made up of 20 pF in the Y and 180 in the capacitor. However the current Y adapters are 60 pF so 40pF has to be added to each value. Therefore 100 pF is now 140 pF, 150 is now 190, 200 is now 240, 300 is now 340 and 400 is now 440 pF.  The Y can be used as value itself without a capacitor for 60 pF so actually the range of the kit has been extended.